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Cleaning the extruder nozzle

Regularly cleaning and performing some basic maintenance on your extruder will help to maximise the lifetime of this hard-working part of your printer.


What do I need?

- Scouring pad (scotch brite or similar).

How to clean the extruder nozzle

Step 1 - Pre heat the extruder nozzle

- Connect your Me2 printer to BuildBee and raise the print head off the bed using the maintenance console.
- Set your extruders temperature to 220°C using the manual controls to preheat.

Step 2 - Scrub the nozzle

- Using a light scrubbing motion with the scouring pad, remove any built up plastic stuck to the tip.
Do not attempt to remove cold plastic from the tip by scraping or cutting. This will likely damage the printer nozzle. 

- If your extruder nozzle is heavily soiled with baked on plastic or excessive residue has built up inside that causes blockages, you may have to replace your extruder nozzle. Find out more in this article.

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