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How to fix noisy belts

You may notice that over time your Me2 printer may begin to make a loud noise when printing.  This noise is caused by the belts rubbing against the wheels of an axis and sounds like a squeak, a growl or a rattle.

Step 1 - Lubricate the wheels/belt

- Identify which axis is noisy.
- You can do this by starting a print and matching up the squeaking sound with the movement of a particular axis.
- To eliminate this noise you can apply a small amount of a dry-finish lubricant like lithium grease directly to the belt and wheels. If this isn't readily available, some petroleum jelly or a drop or two of regular hand soap will work fine.
- Apply the lubricant directly to the printer wheel while printing to spread lubricant onto the belt. The noise should stop almost immediately.

Step 2 - Check for a tight belt

You only check for this if some lubricant on the belt and wheel did not resolve the loud noise.
- If an axis belt is too tight, it can make a loud squeaking sound.
- Follow the steps in the How to check and tighten a loose belt help article, but give the belt slightly more slack instead of tightening it up.

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