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Me2 Basic Setup Instructions

What's in the Box?

Each Me2 3D printer comes with:

  • 24V Power Supply
  • USB cable
  • Maintenance Kit
  • BuildBee server 
  • BuildTak Sheet

Setting Up Your Printer

- Carefully remove the 3D printer from the box.

- Make sure you have a suitable amount of space cleared for your printer(s) so that movement is not restricted during a print. For more information on finding the perfect spot for your printer, take a look at our Me2 Installation Guidelines.

- For shipping, the printers handle is fixed at the base and must be brought to the top of the Z axis. Loosen the four screws on the handle just enough to be able to move the handle along the Z axis without removing it. Removing the screws completely will cause the T-nut holding the handle on the rail to fall down the rail.

- Shuffle the handle up to the top of the rail, making sure it is straightened up.

Me2 handle down

- While holding the handle in place, tighten the screws back up. Do not overtighten the screws.

Me2 handle up

Setting Up BuildBee 

Now that your printer is ready, it's time to get your BuildBee server up and running!

Step 1 - Log in to BuildBee

- Navigate to

- Sign in using an account that has the right to configure printers.

Step 2 - Create the configuration file

- Select the printer list icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

BuildBee printer list

- Select 'CONFIGURE PRINTER' from the top of the printer list:

BuildBee configure button

- Choose the option that is best suited to you network: 

BuildBee configure printer

Home networks
Use your usual home network WiFi details, preferably WPA2-PSK.
Enterprise (RADIUS)

1) Create a unique user for utility WiFi access and set a long password expiry period


Use a known user’s regular login details (warning: BuildBee CloudDocks will lose connectivity when user changes their password)

2) Use the ‘Enterprise WiFi’ option in the BuildBee online config tool

Enterprise (provisioned WPA cert)
Currently BuildBee does not support manual installation of enterprise wifi certificates and keys but we are working to add this option. Please submit a support request and we can assist you in configuring your BuildBee CloudDock.
Open Wifi
We strongly recommend you don’t use an open wifi network, however, the option is still available in the config tool.

- Fill in your network details in the spaces provided and select the 'GENERATE CONFIG. FILE' button.  
WiFi network names and passwords are case sensitive. Any errors will cause the configuration process to fail.

If you are using a DET WiFi login, the format to use for your WiFi username is different from how your DET email normally appears.

e.g. john.smith@detnsw instead of

BuildBee DET ET4LBuildBee personal WiFi

Step 3 - Save the BuildBee configuration file to a USB drive

- Select the 'Download' button to save the .conf  file to your computer.

BuildBee download config

- Move the configuration file to the root folder of a USB flash drive (not within any other folders). 

We recommend using a USB drive from a known manufacturer (e.g. Toshiba), formatted to FAT32, without any partitions. Promotional USB drives are not reliable for this process.

Move config to USB

Step 4 - Load configuration file onto a CloudDock

- Remove ALL cables from the BuildBee CloudDock (no power, no USB cable).

- Insert the USB drive into the BuildBee CloudDock.

- Plug the power supply into the BuildBee CloudDock with the USB drive inserted. 

Do not connect the printer yet.

- The CloudDock will read the configuration file and erase it from the USB drive, replacing it with a 'configuration receipt' (send us this receipt if something goes wrong):

Configuration receipt

- If the CloudDock can successfully reach the internet, it will appear in your printer list. 
It may take up to 4 minutes to complete the registration and you may need to refresh your browser for it to appear.

- The CloudDock that represents the printer will first appear as 'DISCONNECTED', simply meaning there is no printer connected. At this point you may safely remove the USB drive. 

- Connect your CloudDock to your 3D printer via USB cable. The CloudDock will then appear as 'READY' in the printer list.

If you're having trouble with configuration, please run through the troubleshooting guide in the A printer is showing up as 'Offline' help article.  

- Plug the other end of the USB cable into your Me2 printer.

For more detailed information on how to set up BuildBee, head over to the Get started with BuildBee article.

Need some inspiration on what to print? Try some of our featured models in BuildBee or check out our collection on MyMiniFactory!

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