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Printer dropped and got stuck in a print

What caused this to happen?

The cause of this issue can vary, but you should check the following things:
  1. Check if the blue USB cable was disconnected during the print. If the USB cable gets disconnected during a print, it interrupts the communication of GCODE to the printer.
  2. Check to see if the power to the printer was interrupted during the print.
  3. The print did not stick properly and has collected around the nozzle without being cancelled early in the print. Check your model for errors (Avoiding odd printing behaviour) or check your current Z offset settings (Calibrating your Z-Offset).
If you suspect something else may be the cause, please send us a log file by submitting a support ticket.

Removing the print from the extruder

DO NOT attempt to remove the damaged print from the extruder without heating it up first.

Step 1 - Manually heat the extruder

- Access your list of printers from the top right hand corner of the BuildBee interface.

- Select the 'MAINTENANCE' button next to the printer that is stuck.

- Select the 'CONTROLS' tab.

- Select 220°C as the target temperature.

Step 2 - Raise the extruder

- Once the extruder has reached the target temperature, raise the extruder out of the print (or let it drop off) by selecting the 'UP' button in the maintenance control panel.

- You may need to clean excess material off the nozzle afterwards: Cleaning the extruder nozzle

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